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Picture2In May 2016, Brassica surveyed 801 U.S. health-conscious men and women and asked them what would motivate them to purchase a product containing glucoraphanin.  Read our top-level consumer insights. A key finding – once consumers understood how glucoraphanin works in the body, 60% were definitely or very likely to purchase a glucoraphanin supplement.

Glucoraphanin, a powerful and long-lasting antioxidant from broccoli, helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body. It enables the body to more efficiently produce powerful enzymes that eliminate free radicals and pollutants.

Direct antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E and polyphenols act by donating electrons to free radicals. Once they do this, their antioxidant function is depleted: they work in a “one-and-done” fashion. Glucoraphanin, once converted to sulforaphane, acts as the most potent natural inducer of Phase 2 detoxification enzymes. These enzymes eliminate many types of free radicals and environmental pollutants by triggering ongoing antioxidant action that lasts for up to 72 hours.

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